Corporate Social Responsibility

Our values focus and align us as a company. They form the foundation for our behavior, how we conduct business, make decisions and treat others. We are trusted, innovative, persistent, execution-focused, patriotic, and generous in our giving.

Safety is a core element of our culture. It’s part of our DNA; it’s in everything we do. We are committed to safe operations and are diligent in our safety practices and processes.

People are our most important asset and our greatest competitive advantage. We believe our people drive our success. We want an accountable and engaged workforce. We desire to attract and retain the very best and we pay for performance. We hold our leaders and employees accountable for developing future talent. We seek a diverse workforce rich in talent, background, ideas and experience.

Customers depend on what we deliver. We treat customers with respect and dignity. We build relationships through our performance. We deliver mission-essential products that must perform each and every time.

Execution excellence drives our culture of success. We deliver high-quality, innovative and affordable products through a disciplined, process-driven approach. We drive efficiencies through continuous improvement in our processes and procedures. We build relationships through our performance.

Patriotism is embedded in our culture. We support and give back to our troops and their families by contributing to organizations and causes that benefit them.

Corporate responsibility means integrity in everything we do. We insist upon ethical behavior, environmental stewardship and a focus on safety. We give back to the communities where we operate. Being a good corporate citizen benefits our customers, our employees and our businesses. It reinforces the attractiveness of our brands and products, and it’s the right thing to do. Our Business Ethics Code of Conduct and Corporate Social Responsibility Report detail our commitment to these values.

As a good corporate citizen we are also committed to conducting international business with integrity, and in full compliance with the law and our policies. Our Company’s FCPA Policy requires our employees and business partners to comply fully with the FCPA and anti-corruption laws in countries where ATK conducts business. These commitments are reinforced through regular and required compliance training for our employees and business partners.