20mm x 102mm Ammunition

ATK produces a full spectrum of 20mm x 102mm ammunition for air, ground and sea platforms. These cartridges include armor-piercing, anti-materiel and personnel, and cost-effective training ammunition. These rounds provide the outstanding accuracy, lethality and penetration necessary to defeat the threats on the battlefield today and tomorrow.

Our 20 mm ammunition is used in various platforms and applications. The rounds are used in fixed-wing aircraft for combat applications to support air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. They also are used in rotary-wing applications for air-to-ground missions. The 20mm ammunition also is the last line of defense against today’s modern littoral and anti- ship threats. It also is used in a ground-based defense system to counter rocket, artillery and mortar attacks, and the danger of speeding cars loaded with explosives.

The rounds can be fired from the M39A2, M61A1, M197 and M621 cannons.


  • The M55A2 TP is a cost-effective training round ballistically matched to the M50 series of ammunition.
  • The PGU-27A/B TP is a training round that is ballistically matched to the new PGU series of ammunition, as well as the PELE round and the ATK ZAP HEI. The PGU-30A/B TP-T is a traced version of the PGU-27A/B.
  • The PGU-28A/B SAPHEI provides a superior anti-materiel capability, as well as light armor penetration. The projectile is based on the multipurpose concept, with delayed reaction after impact resulting in large fragments and incendiary effects.
  • The M940 MPT-SD is very similar to the PGU-28A/B. It uses the multipurpose concept but adds a tracer, plus the round will self-destruct. This round is used in the ground-based C-RAM system, Centurion.
  • The Mk244 APDS cartridge uses an optimized tungsten penetrator that extends the effective range against high-speed, anti-ship missile threats. The round was developed for the improved Mk15 Phalanx Block 1B.
  • The PELE round offers a superior fragmenting projectile without the use of high explosives. It is effective against air targets as well as light armor and materiel targets.
  • The 20mm ZAP HEI uses a superquick ATK-151LD fuze to provide functioning at long ranges and extreme graze angles. The HEI carries its energy to the target and provides high-velocity fragments, wide cone angles of damage, fire-start capability, impact signature and blast overpressure.
AS - 20mm
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