25mm Ammunition

ATK is the world’s leading supplier of combat-proven, low-cost 25mm x 137mm ammunition. Our 25mm family offers the outstanding reliability, accuracy, lethality and penetration necessary to defeat a wide variety of threats on the battlefield. This ammunition is extremely effective in anti-armor, anti-materiel, anti-personnel and fire-suppression roles. Our modern production facilities and experienced personnel ensure that you will receive the highest quality 25mm ammunition.

The performance characteristics of 25mm Bushmaster ammunition provide infantry-fighting vehicles, ship self-defense systems and air-defense platforms with the firepower necessary to meet various threats. This ammunition may be fired from the ATK Bushmaster M242 chain gun, the Oerlikon KBA, GAU-12/U cannon or any other NATO-qualified 25mm system. Other derivatives of the 25mm Bushmaster ammunition family are used in the AV-8B Harrier and in shipboard defense systems like the MK 38.

ATK’s 25 mm ammunition meets or exceeds all U.S. government performance requirements and is the only 25mm ammunition to have obtained NATO certification.


  • The M791 APDS-T cartridge possesses the superb accuracy and penetration necessary to defeat today’s threats. Its high velocity, coupled with a low time of flight, assures effective performance at extended ranges.
  • The M792 HEI-T cartridge offers the accuracy and lethality needed for light materiel, anti-personnel and fire-suppression roles. This cartridge features the M758 Point Detonating Self-Destruct Fuze developed and produced exclusively by ATK.
  • The M758 provides superior arming delay, graze and extended-range sensitivity, and self-destruct.
  • The M793 TP-T is a low-cost, target practice cartridge, ballistically matched to the M792 HEI-T round.
  • The M910 TPDS-T is a training cartridge designed to specifically match the trajectory of the APDS-T round but with a desired range limit.
  • The PGU-32/U SAPHEI-T round provides aerial and surface gun platforms with improved effectiveness against soft and light armored targets. This round is qualified for use on the AV-8/B Harrier and MK 38 Navy weapon systems.
  • The PGU-25 HEI is an untraced round that is used on fixed-wing aircraft, such as the AV-8/B Harrier and AC-130 Gunship. It uses the M505 point-detonating fuze.
  • The PGU-23 TP is a low-cost, untraced target practice cartridge ballistically matched to the PGU-25 HEI.
Discarding Sabot
with Tracer
High-Explosive Incendiary
with Tracer
Target Practice with Tracer
Target Practice
Discarding Sabot with Tracer

Mk310 Mod 0 PABM-T
Semi-Armor Piercing
High Explosive
Cartridge weight
455g 493g 492g 415g 493g
Muzzle velocity (nominal)
1345 m/s 1100 m/s 1100 m/s 1520 m/s 1100 m/s
Chamber pressure (typical)
410 MPa 360 MPa 360 MPa 410 MPa 360 MPa
Trace (typical)
2.2 sec 6.0 sec 6.0 sec 4.0 sec 5.5 sec
Dispersion (typical)
.30 x .30mr .55 x .55mr .30 x .30mr .30 x .30mr .45 x .45 mr
Penetration (typical) 25mm RHA @60° 1300m NA NA NA 13mm RHA
@30° 1000m
Fuze Type
NA M758
NA NA Pyrotechnically
Time of flight (2000m)
1.7 sec 3.6 sec 3.6 sec 1.9 sec 3.6 sec
NSN 1035-01-380-8960 1305-01-380-9884 1350-01-380-5862 1305-01-426-4359 1305-01-356-9083
25mm Ammunition data sheet
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