M230LF Chain Gun

The 30mm M230LF is a more capable version of the 30mm cannon featured on the Apache helicopter and is a member of the Chain Gun® family of externally powered, combat-reliable conventional automatic weapons. The gun is effective, lightweight and easy to maintain and has multi-role, multi-target system capability.

The M230LF boasts a DC drive motor with a firing rate of 200 rounds per minute. Other features include an anti-hangfire system, an extended-length barrel for enhanced muzzle velocity and a de-linking feeder that allows the use of linked ammunition. The M230LF is ideal for use on ground vehicles and patrol boats.

The gun has a reliability of 22,000 mean rounds between failure. It fires M789 HEDP, M788 TP and NATO standard 30 mm ADEN/DEFA ammunition.

Characteristics Imperial Metric
    Ground Vehicle 6,300 lb 28,022 N
    Naval 1,650 lb 7,339 N
    Receiver 76 lb 34.5 kg
    Feeder 39 lb 17.7 kg
    Barrel 45 lb 20.4 kg
    Total 160 lb 72.6 kg
Rate of Fire:  Cyclic, 200 rounds per minute
Power Required 1 horsepower
Clearing Method Cook off safe, open bolt
Safety Absolute hangfire protection
Case Ejection Side

*Includes gun barrel, drive motor, recoil system and integral dual feeder

30mm M230LF Chain Gun data sheet
.pdf download