XM25 Individual Semi-automatic Airburst Weapon System (ISAAS)

The IAWS is a next-generation, semi-automatic weapon designed for effectiveness against enemies protected by walls, dug into foxholes or hidden in hard-to-reach places.

The IAWS provides the soldier with a 300 percent to 500 percent increase in hit probability to defeat point, area and defilade targets out to 500 meters. The weapon features revolutionary high-explosive, airburst ammunition programmed by the weapon’s target acquisition/fire control system (TA/FC).

The system integrates ballistics computation in the full-solution TA/FC. The soldier places the aim point on target and activates the laser rangefinder. The fire-control system provides an adjusted aim point. The soldier places the adjusted aim point on target and pulls the trigger. Target information is communicated to the chambered 25 mm round. As the round speeds down range, it measures the distance traveled and bursts at the pre-programmed distance.

The IAWS precisely delivers airbursting munitions in all conditions. It is five times more lethal at the M203 maximum range and continues to provide lethality well beyond the M203′s maximum ability. The system is designed for optimum performance at 300 meters but will perform to 500 meters and beyond. It includes five different types of ammunition: thermobaric, flechette, training, high-explosive airbursting and nonlethal.


  • 2x thermal sight with zoom
  • 2x direct view optic
  • Laser rangefinder
  • Ballistic computer
  • Digital compass (cant, bearing, tilt)
  • Fuze setter
  • Internal display
  • Environmental sensors
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